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What crosses your mind when you think of kitchen accessories? Utensils made of stainless steel and round glasses? Well, it’s time to let go of that morose mental image of a typical kitchen set up from your mind and embrace the new age, very suave one instead. The 21st century has given your kitchen a makeover, making it as sophisticated as the rest of your house, be it the living room, dining space, bedroom, etc. To match up to your refined tastes, the modular kitchen needs a supply of exquisite accessories, ones that would do full justice to your fine tastes.

At UrbanDazzle, your everyday living gets a dash of class and charisma with the bold designs and heady assortment of products. You can now accentuate the decor of your kitchen in the easiest of manner by browsing through an array of brands and categories available with us, each unique in their design and matching up to your expectations. Each product is worth a million dollars, just that you won’t be spending even one-tenth of the amount and yet be blissfully satisfied. Contemporary, traditional, colorful, elegant, trendy, we have kitchenware to fit every occasion and need.

With big brands such as SOGA, RCR, Ghidini, Luminarc, Cristal d’Arques selling the best kitchen accessories and products at Urbandazzle, your appreciation and wonder for each of them grows. Here are a few of the many incredible products with us-
Campiello bowl by Ego Alter
Price- Rs 1500

Charming and crafted to perfection, these beauties with diamond dimples are great bowls for serving snacks and desserts alike and make for delightful crockery.

Ice cream scoop by Ghidini
Price- Rs 350

Now the tantalizing scoop look can be achieved right at your home. Just like the ads that project perfectly shaped ice cream, you can now serve the same to your guests and family in elan and style.

Rectangle Box by Luminarc
Price- Rs. 560

Prepare delectable delights and serve them to your loved ones in these graceful and impeccable boxes. The added benefit is that you can store away the leftovers in the same utensil by just placing the lid over the top.

Your house speaks volumes for you. Your tastes, choices and preferences are reflected in the ways you decorate your house. Fresh flowers add beauty to your home and liven up the place. But they would most certainly lose their charm when placed in an appliance that does not match up to their beauty. For this purpose, vases add incredible beauty to the spectacular bloom of your flowers and add to the overall setting of your home.

Vases for home decoration come in a variety of shapes, sizes, cuts, designs and colors. There’s a vase for every taste, every setting, every decor and shall we say, every flower. If you prefer your vases to be simple, so that they look elegant and don’t take away the limelight from your flowers, you can pick the neat accessories that will be happy to act as a background to your chosen buds. However, if you’ve always been a statement maker, you can opt for the edgy, exquisite and breathtaking variety available at Urban Dazzle.

There’s plenty of other options as well, the spectacular range at Urban Dazzle does not disappoint people with a minimalist, classy taste nor does it cast aside the preferences of people with a colorful home and kitchen accessories choice. You’ll find something for everyone.

The Baguette vase with gold band by Ego Alter radiates elegance and is apt for long stemmed flowers. Its scintillating appeal lies in the classic gold rim around it.

The Honey Vase by Ego Alter is a beautifully dimpled vase with a glossy finish that is a joy to own and place in your house. The simple and elegant vase will make for a beautiful companion for your flowers.
The Green Vase for decorating home by Precious is a sleek and sophisticated addition to your drawing room. Its splendid green color will complement well with your fresh flowers and signify the eternal beauty of nature.
Add these breathtaking beauties to your home decor and discover many more at Urban Dazzle. All vases available at best prices.

They say a good library completes a house, but for many, a good bar does the trick. While you may wonder what’s so special about a bar, it does say a lot about your tastes and choices! If you own a bar, you know how important cocktail accessories are! Besides helping you make mouth watering drinks, it creates a good impression, for your patron will know you mean business! Whether it’s a weekend brunch or a drink to help you unwind after work, there are certain home bar accessories you will need to create that perfect cocktail!
But before we enlighten you on the best bar accessories available in India, allow us to give you a few tips that will make your bar more attractive and appealing-

1. Don’t create your bar in an already over-stuffed room. It takes away the attention from what you wish to display.

2. Go for a non-alcoholic background. Artwork, small lamps, fresh flowers, glassware, trays come in handy. Aesthetically pleasing and not over the top, they make your bar a class apart.

3. Don’t display all the bottles you own, be selective and put forward only the best of your bottles.

4. Forget the plastic ones. They will not match up to your classy bar. Drain the contents of the plastic bottles in a nice decanter and then recycle them.

5. Don’t underestimate the importance of bar accessories. A compilation of which is here-

- Wine glasses- Your guests wouldn’t want to drink from shoddy glasses. It’s imperative to have beautiful wine glasses that make your drink look attractive.

- Bar spoons- Stir your cocktail with bar spoons so without any hassle.

- Pitcher- If you know you’ll have to make a lot of drinks for the evening, make it in a go and store in a pitcher.

- Juicer- Add taste to you drink, squeeze in some fresh fruit.

- Tray- Helps you stay organised!

- Jigger- Enables you to make a balanced drink.

- Strainer- Get rid of excess fruit, pulp and ice using a strainer.

- Shaker- Mix your favorite combinations till you get the right flavor.

- Ice bucket- Keeps ice handy. Who’d enjoy a non-chilled drink?

- Muddler- Helps you mash spices, herbs and fruits for a super taste.
After a renovation of my home , now it’s time to buy home decor accessories as Christmas and New Year eve is coming. This time I planned for something really different and unique. In an effort to cut down on the time that to be spent searching for awe-inspiring home decor. I went for online shopping .I come across so many sites  and  I was hooked by a site urban dazzle I really find it enchanting that trends can surface in all areas of Design, and especially in home decor accessories.
When I was hunting down for some bar accessories online, I came across an extensive range of products I was humming and hawing about what to buy and what to leave. I am also looking to upgrade my living room. I felt a bit paralyzed by the overwhelming variety of options. Really it is a great place for personalized home accessories, kitchen wares and gifts for other occasions, with great deals and tons more. A place for all the colorful home organizing solutions.
The site sells amazing home accessories, with creativity drawn from the unique market journey, art history and other deserving inspirations. I love the colorful patterned decorative trays and vases. I also had a look on amazing beer goblets and dining sets, just love the sweet cake plates available from  bowls to golden ceramic clouds as surprising well décor. 

If you’re mad about home decor, then this is the only solution.